Strategies of health education

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Teaching Strategies

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Health education

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Choose from different sets of plan health education strategies flashcards on Quizlet. Strategies for promoting Health* What strategies help to promote the health of individuals? Strategies for promoting Health* What strategies help to promote the health of individuals?

risk, such as people who smoke, have poor nutrition, are physically inactive or misuse substances. These approaches use health education, social marketing. Epidemiological data support an increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related conditions globally.

As established healthcare professionals, physical therapists are well positioned to be clinically competent in patient education to effect long-term lifestyle behaviour change, to improve health. Delivery of individual-level strategies in health education is undertaken in a variety of delivery settings, including schools, workplaces and, of course, medical facilities themselves.

Teaching Strategies Below is a listing of the peer-reviewed teaching strategies published on our website. Each strategy submitted undergoes a blind peer.

There is a wide range of studies and reports in the literature that either test specific intervention strategies or report on larger health education efforts combining several strategies. This article organizes the discussion to focus on individual- community- and policy-level interventions.

What are the basic Principles of Health Education? Strategies of health education
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Teaching Strategies