How does language connect us

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Learning foreign language a way to connect with others

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Language Connect

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“Learning another language is a way to connect to others in a way that you simply can’t unless you both are on the same page, and can speak on common grounds with the same words, grammar and syntax,” said Michael Turner, a Spanish teacher at L’Anse Creuse North High School.

Does language define your identity?

Language matters- for several reasons. A simple explanation is that it facilitat es communication, and allows us to understand each other. But, language plays a far greater role in. Mastering a foreign language can change the entire way you’re wired.

Read on for five examples of how speaking a second language (or third or fourth) connects people way beyond words. The more words you know, the bigger the world gets. Language matters- for several reasons.

Language Brings Us Together

A simple explanation is that it facilitat es communication, and allows us to understand each other. But, language plays a far greater role in the world and between people.

How language connects us

Language barriers are also present within generations of a single family, with the elders being separated from the young simply because they do not know the same language do possibly to their move to the United States.

How does language connect us
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Learning foreign language a way to connect with others | OU News Bureau