Homeless veterans

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Homeless Veterans

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Veteran Homelessness Facts

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Homeless Veterans

Homeless veterans are persons who have served in the armed forces who are homeless or living without access to secure and appropriate accommodation.

VA provides programs and support for homeless Veterans. Homeless Veterans.

Homeless veterans in the United States

Many homeless veterans served by the VA New Jersey Health Care System (VANJHCS) face serious barriers to community return, including substance abuse and mental health problems. Because homelessness is the result of many factors, VANJHCS offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of homeless veterans.


CFC #50917

DEFINITIONS, DEMOGRAPHICS AND ESTIMATED NUMBERS. What is the definition of "homeless"? The United States Code contains the official federal definition of homelessness, which is commonly used because it controls federal funding streams. In Title 42, ChapterSubchapter 1, "homeless" is defined as follows.

Homeless Veterans. VA’s specialized programs for homeless Veterans serve hundreds of thousands of homeless and at-risk Veterans each year. Independently and in collaboration with federal and community partners, VA programs provide Veterans with housing solutions, employment opportunities, health care, justice- and reentry-related services.

This fact sheet examines homelessness among U.S. veterans. A list of resources for further study is also provided. BACKGROUND. Far too many veterans are homeless in America—betweenandon any given night—representing between one fourth and one-fifth of all homeless people.

Homeless veterans
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